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Friday, December 21, 2018


 This is Leni and the Grand kids: Addelyn, Wilder, Owen and Harper
Check out this quick movie: Cameron Park with BaBa and KPa

THEY ARE ALWAYS FUN - we are blessed!!!! 
...and they take after their KPa! 

And now for the fishing part of TightLine Catfishing...
This is co-Captain Rick holding a six pound Catfish...
if you look closely to the right you'll see the super secret ingredient!
Only readers of this blog can be this privileged...

We caught 21 catfish all together weighing 68.5 lbs!!!!
All were caught this week... 
We caught way more than enough to have a 
Christmas Fish Fry for 25+ GREAT folks at JAG Aviation!

The day before this picture was taken 
the waves were California surfing BIG... 
What a difference a day makes!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Texas Adaptive Tennis
I must be one of the LUCKIEST guys in the world!
About (....) years ago while I was Director of Tennis for the City of Waco (Sul Ross/Charlie McCleary Tennis Center) ... I ran into Cindy Benzon at a Special Needs clinic during one of our Tx Section meetings.
 She sent me a VHS tape (Yes, that long ago!!!) of some of her clinics!!!  
Watching her love for the students brought rare MAN TEARS to my eyes!!  It was truly incredible. To this day, it's amazing how she motivates/works with the students.
She "hooked" me on the spot.
Teaching Special Needs classes at the Tennis Center and to students throughout the Waco ISD system enriched my life - I am still very much involved in the Tx Section programs she leads !
She has been a mentor, leader, teacher, inspiration and more important a GREAT little sister!!!
SO many people have been touched by her love of our great game!  
She is a blessing to Texas Tennis and me!!!

This Texas Adaptive Tennis story cannot be told without mentioning the KING of Adaptive Tennis - Henry Cox.  Henry is the ambassador for our TX Section when it comes to Adaptive tennis... 
I was fortunate enough to meet Henry in NY while attending a tennis teacher conference 30+ years ago (when I was five).  I heard him speak and had to get to know him... he is smart, he’s a Tx Tennis Legend, a true great friend, and knows EVERYONE!!!
The best part is that between Henry and me - we keep Sister Cindy VERY BUSY trying to maintain her sanity!!!!   

Monday, December 10, 2018

2018 TAP (Spanish for Stand-Up! Tennis)  World Championships!
Incredible tennis players from around the globe came to play in the World Championships this past weekend in Houston!
With World Class Tennis comes world class Tennis Officials - this years Officials included:
Mike Baird, Willie Brantley, Linda Bratton, Elio Cequea, Harry Foster, April Hadley, Tomoko King, Buffy Powell, Bruce Sampley, Janel Woerner, and Heather Watkins 
These Officials donated their time over the three day tournament. 

25 Players representing the USA, Japan, Chile, St. Kitts and Nevis, Brazil, and Sweden

Our USA Team (from the left): Richard Herskovitz, John Hizer, David Valenti, Mike Smith (back), Danny Scrivano, Eric Johnson (back), Carl Mower, Nora Moreno, Jeff Bournes, Eric Schmeltekopf Not pictured: Matt Bulow, Steve Grimes, Mike Marsh,  

     Harold von Koch - Sweden     Eduardo Perez and Felipe Arevalo - Chile

Players representing Japan:
Ken Shibatani, Kenichi Takano, Yasuhiro Takahara, Hiroyuki Abe, Masahiro Asai, Shun Kishi 

 One of the highlights of the event is the Adaptive Clinic - Harry headed this up with the help of Preston Pinto and players from the tournament - the participants were from Shiners Hospital.  
Just when you think this tournament couldn't get more inspiring. 

 Harry loves this event and it shows...  I am a blessed Dad!

Some of the Participant's and Players 

From high above at Life Time Fitness in the Galleria Mall our fearless leaders Cindy and Andrea (kinda) watch...  

Mike Baird in the Chair for a GREAT Match!

 Heather Watkins did an incredible job on her first Chaired match - after some HTOA shadowing, some Tomoko and Bruce mentoring - she climbed into the Chair and did a WONDERFUL job.

Buffy Powell called an exciting Final round match.

Janel Woerner shakes hands with eventual Champion Kenichi Takano from Japan and great semi-finalist Thalita Rodrigues from Brazil  

Bruce Sampley called a fantastic Final between Carl Mower, USA and Kenichi Takano, Japan

Our "A1" Champion and Finalist: Kenichi Takano and Carl Mower
Finalist "A" draw: Danny Scrivano with Enzo Amadei who heads up the Tour and Cindy Benzon - our Tournament Director

 A Draw Champion: Luis Vinales from Chile

This picture tells a 1000 stories... 
here is My Sis leading Harold Graham to another task.  To say she is a GREAT leader is an understatement...NO ONE inspires more people and does more for Adaptive Tennis!
Harold is one of the many people, behind the scenes, that makes things happen - others (being lead by Sister Cindy) that help make this event successful include the honorable Henry Cox, Adaptive Committee Member and great player Jeff Bourns, the very patient and organized Andrea Booth, and Steve Carr who is our printer, t-shirt maker, picture taker and all around GREAT GUY!   

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Now its a waiting game... the ramps are closed because of the flooding we had a few weeks back...

 That has not stopped the TightLine Fish Frying part of the organization...Leni (aka... daBOSS), Rick and I put together a fish fry for the Tennis Officials at the Waco Pro Tournament couple weeks back...

This is Seande and me just before the Fry.

This is Jerri Banks and Lee Ann Haury

And here is Rick - one of the GREATEST Catfishermen EVER!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Catfish all over the place are nervous... da Boys are Back!
One of the BEST GIFTS - you cannot beat this view 

At first glance all you see is two young looking catfisherman - Take another look - this is EXPERIENCE!  Do not let our young looking gray hair fool you - we are spry and keen to ripples in the water...

 This is one of the many hauls we landed over the last week.  These channel and blue cats are part of the bounty we fed the 
Church Under the Bridge with... 

Here are your Catfish Catchers/Cooks in action cooking for the congregation - Church Under the Bridge  

This is the my sweet wife Leni (on the right) helping with organizing this Sunday lunch.

This is the GREAT JIMMY DORRELL - Pastor and all around GREAT guy standing between Tightline Executives - Rick and Kevin   

 The total for this service was just under 140 people!

The best part is having Family and Little Caesars staff come and help... this is my daughter Ashley and son Harry - helping with the serving line.  

 There are MANY families and individuals (all ages from all over Waco and Central Texas) that come out to celebrate the teaching and fellowship Jimmy and his staff offer.

 Here is granddaughter Addelyn, Son-in law Nick, Rick, Ash, Grandson Owen, yours truly, Leni, Harry and Kayla 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


The best part of CATFISHING are the Fish Fry's!
This past month we had the pleasure of frying up fish for Harry's 21st bday and another one for a great group of Tennis Officials 


My AWESOME/BEAUTIFUL kids: Ash, Harry and Alex

This is Owen (Ash's son) - helping Kpa (me) ... with the Fry

This is Wilder (Alex's son) - showing off his Rad Dad t-shirt

After the Family Fish Fry - My friend Bob Cervanka and I Fryed up some Catfish for the Pro Tennis Event in Waco...
here is my good friend Kim Kilgore (awesome tennis Official) having a Catfish break in between matches

Super Friend and Coach Jimmy Robinson

The GREAT Jim Rose

This is me and one of the great Catfisherman - Bob Cervanka cooking up some Catfish for our "Official" friends at the Baylor Men's Pro Event

And finally, it wouldn't be my blog unless I included a family pic...
Family photo at Addelyn's school.  We have Owen in front with his sis - Addelyn, my Mom aka... "Nanny", that's me next to "O", my son-in law Nick, next to my beautiful daughter Ash, my incredible Dad sporting the beard and Nicks parents Donna aka..."DeeDee" and John aka... Grandpa!