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Sunday, December 5, 2010


This is my brother Kevin Krumm- I say that because we grew up from first grade together and we are STILL GROWING up!!! Kevin and his wife Connie helped organize the latest TightLine Fish Fry - he and Connie are the youth pastors for their Church and our Fry helped them raise some money for their Summer program. They are both AWESOME and the kids LOVE them!This is me and Kev talking about old fun times- YES, lots of FUN times! I seriously had to deny most the stuff we were talking about - because of my lack of memory and the fact that Leni was standing near-by.Getting the fish fried up, without catching EVERYTHING on fire, is part of the fun! To date - we have only burnt down one tent and 3/4 of an acre near a park (J/K). I notice that Rick is never near by when I am starting up my grill!?!?Here are some the Church Youth group members handling all of the important details - like not letting Rick, Me or Kevin eat too much!!! The food was AWESOME! Everyone brought stuff from home to make a GREAT POT LUCK dinner!We had a great turn out including a lot of local people from the community of Valley Mills. Kevin and Connie's Church is located in the Heart of Valley Mills, TX!


Anonymous said...

I remember you from your snack business.

Anonymous said...

looks good kevin I miss ya fish